Google Search Results — Bias in Media

Google Search Results are biased to modify public opinion. Google deters users from accessing a broader range of perspectives, even when the user has intentionally searched for such perspectives.

Through the Google Goggles: Sociopolitical Bias in Search Engine Design: “As knowledge, commerce, and politics continue move online and to the Web in particular, search engines have quickly become the “gatekeepers” of cyberspace. What’s more, a single search engine – Google – now handles the majority of Web queries. Google directs hundreds of millions of users towards some content and not others, towards some sources and not others. As with all media gatekeepers, if we believe in the principles of deliberative democracy – and especially if we believe that the Web is an open, “democratic” medium – then we should expect our search engines to disseminate a broad spectrum of information on any given topic.”

“The dissemination of the widest possible information from diverse and antagonistic sources is essential to the welfare of the public” Free download:

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