April 12, 2021, Facebook Retroactive Account Restriction From Feb 01, 2021, for Allegations of Community Standards Previous Year (2020).

April 12, 2021, Facebook retroactively restricted my account from February 01, 2021, for allegations of Community Standards from the previous year (2020).

Facebook restricted my account for 90 days with the start date of Feb 1.

April 12, 2021, I posted a video to Facebook. The video was viewed by others. Shortly thereafter, Facebook prevented a second video of mine from appearing in that comment thread on the desktop site and also prevented others from viewing that video. The video does exist on Facebook’s website and is viewable to me at it’s url. The video, hosted on Facebook, can also be seen on Facebook on a mobile browser by me only.

Upon checking my Facebook account today (April 12, 2021), I saw a notification that my account had been retroactively suspended from February 1, 2021. The reason given was “A post from the last year didn’t follow our standards.” There is no link to any post nor any mention of what violated community standards from the last year.

If this seems confusing, that’s because it is totally illogical.


The video that I’d uploaded as a comment had been switched to private. Responses to group messages are always visible and this does not seem to be changeable by the user.

Later, after revisiting the link that Facebook had supplied to me upon completion of processing the video, I saw that Facebook had set the video’s permission to private. After removing the “private” attribute, the video was displayed in the response.

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