Fauci Lied

Fauci lied.

NIH has deleted the genomic data on COVID-19, in a massive cover-up to hide the evidence that COVID-19 is engineered.

If we had known that this virus was engineered, we would have had more information to better defend against it.
Fauci covered it all up.

The coverup and lab leak hypothesis has become a partisan issue. This seems to have originated from former president Trump stating that the virus had come from the Wuhan lab and had not originated in China. The reaction from Fauci was that this was wrong, and the left and CNN jumped on that to show that Donald Trump was wrong. Unfortunately, Fauci was wrong and thus, CNN and all who propagated his lies were wrong. COVID-19 seems to have most certainly come from a lab, and the left has maintained their position that Trump was wrong.

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