Custom Guitar Design

I’m developing a prototype for a custom neck-through electric guitar.

I need someone to develop the G-code, then to use the CNC mill.

1. Develop 3D model
2. Generate CNC code
3. run the CNC mill
4. Glue neck and wings together,
5. Reiterate if it’s way off (step 1)
6. modify result by hand

I have a guy for step 1 & 2; do the 3D modeling, calculate the center of mass, and generate the CAD files. He’s in a foreign country and there is a bit of a trust issue with this nice, but random dude from Facebook, so I’m open to working with someone local on that, too.

Here is the 2d draft and a 2 minute video explaining the differences between the 2-D draft and what the prototype should look like.

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