Dr. Joe Kort — An Example of Intellectual Dishonesty

Dr. Joe Kort censors to uphold his dogmatic and unreasonable positions. It’s all he can do, as his ideas don’t stand on their own.

Dogmatists rely on lies and censorship to try to “win” an argument. On YouTube, Dr. Kort pushes himself as something of an expert on a subject matter he is incapable of discussing. A user, Jane Anon misrepresented my position and then Dr. Kort prevented me from replying by blocking me. This is not a fair way to debate. Joe Kort followed up by blocking my further commenting on the video. Although Jane Anon made false claims about me, I made no retaliatory remarks.

This shows clearly that Dr Kort suffers from control issues and the need to silence, censor, and cancel rather then address any voices that challenge his narrative, discourage me from such endeavors by deleting all the careful and thoughtful reply I’d made, and discourage any dissent through censorship.

Dogmatism defies reality. Dogmatism is a failure of the mind to closure over falsehoods to eschew and “block” (literally) any new evidence and new arguments that might shatter the false illusion.

Dogamatism is harmful. Censorship is harmful. Both should be condemned ruthlessly.

Censorship of ideas is harmful. Shaming people into silence is, too, as I described in my response to user @Jane Anon.

I have encountered discrimination and censorship regarding this issue many times. The more censorship, the more unbiased investigation is warranted. The more that ideological discrimination is practiced, the more it should be questioned, resisted, and condemned.

The following paragraph is to everyone shamed. Most adults are too afraid to admit sexual attraction to minors under 18. Such attractions don’t need to denied, nor be self-consuming. Liking people under the age of 18 is not a mental illness, and if you’re attracted to teenagers, you’re probably very normal. It is ok to acknowledge the attraction. Suppression does not help.

The response I posted to @Jane Anon:—

Child marriage is legally sanctioned child abuse? Because you say so? Arrogant, baseless proclamations of social justice don’t constitute logical cogency.

Granted, few children nowadays seriously want marriage, but how is it that the odd 17 year old yearning to marry is suddenly a victim?

“The fact that you want the age of consent lowered shows that you are attempting to find a legal way to have sex with children.”

In all your bias, you read past all the glaring questions raised, read the number “12”, and reacted the way you did. This shows that you weren’t reading or comprehending what I carefully and clearly explained and ignored.

You read past all that was clearly explained to you to arrive at the same polarized, unwavering conclusion; that it’s all because I want to have sex with 12 year olds.

That itself raises a perplexing question: How does commenting on sociology videos on YouTube work as a strategy for having sex with twelve year olds? Are you OK?

My words stand on their own.

It would be a good idea to work on your reading comprehension. (You might want to take a deep breath and count to ten and see if it helps.)

“If you have ever had sex with a child under the legal age of consent, you have sexually abused that child, period. You have damaged that child, legality notwithstanding.”

(1) Sex and abuse are two different things.
(2) Children are not generally harmed by sex.
(3) Age gaps do not cause harm. That is, the age of one’s chosen partner does imply harm.
(4) People hide tabooed attractions out of social pressure and shame.

Any 12 year old who chooses to fondle, pet, or kiss is not harmed by the age of their chosen partner.

Harm is not caused by age difference. There is no evidence to show that age gaps cause harm. To assume otherwise is a common error. [Kilpatrick]

Most people across the globe have sex before age 18.

If you have been calling for laws to be changed so that you can freely abuse children, I can see why you’ve been banned from several social media platforms. That’s horrific.

I post science, coherence, logic, reason, insight. Dogamatists cancel. That’s what they do, by definition. That’s what you do.

I did not advocate for abuse and is incorrect for you to say that. To misrepresent me is not a good d

Sex itself does not cause harm.

What causes harm? Coercion, manipulation, and abuse cause harm. Shaming people — both adults and children — into silence causes harm. Punishing people for victimless crime causes harm. [Finkelhor][Larsson]

[Finkelhor] Finkelhor, D. & Browne, A. (1985). “The traumatic impact of child sexual abuse: A conceptualization,” American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 55 (4), 530-541.

[Larrson] Larsson, I. & Svedin, C. G. (2001). “Sexual experiences in childhood: young adult’s recollections,” Arch Sex Behav, 31(3):263-73

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