Banned. Everywhere. 

Banned. Everywhere.

I’m blocked on major platforms including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Nextdoor, and Wikipedia.

The US doesn’t have a “social credit score” yet, but just wait; it’ll happen. Sanctioned and controlled speech is what the woke left wants.

I was recently suspended from Facebook.

This happened after applying for F/T through a recruiter. Probably the employer, Facebook, checked my Facebook page and decided to reject my resume on that alone. It was a really good match for my skill set.

Around the same time, I posted on Facebook about Joe Kort, who promotes himself heavily online, including on Facebook.

I cannot keep up with the number of enemies trying to do me in because of what I think. If what I think is so wrong, why can’t you just explain why it’s wrong? The Facebook group, Age of Consent Reform, was public. It’s not as if they were blocked or prevented from posting there.

I apparently thought the wrong things.

Because I’m banned from WikiPedia, I’m not allowed to send WikiLove.

If you don’t support free speech for those whose ideas you despise, you don’t support free speech.

I want to win.

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