Open Letter to the CA Attorney General on CCPA


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) provides a means by which consumers to obtain personal data from service providers.

I have issued formal CCPA data portability requests to several companies who have either refused or ignored my requests.

On Nov 26, 2020, I made a request to download my content from Nextdoor through the website.

Nextdoor did not respond to the request and thus, I was unable to download my content.

On Nov 26, wrote a letter to formally requesting my data and content under CCPA SECTION 1. Section 1798.100 of the Civil Code.

Nextdoor responded to tell me that the case is no longer active. I don’t know what that means.

I never got the link to download my data.

I followed up to that email several times.

I tried to log in to to request my data again, but was unable to log in due to account restrictions.

I have had similar experiences with Reddit and Facebook.

Today, I called in to the AG at (916) 445-9555. I navigated about six different phone menus with long outgoing message until, nearly eight minutes, I was transferred to a representative.

I explained my problem to the man. The man told me that I was wrong. When I asked if he was familiar with “the law I’d mentioned”, he said “yeah, the California [pause] consumer Financial something or other”. (He literally said “something or other”.)

I politely told him that he was mistaken and asked his name. The man raised his voice and asked me my name. I told him clearly “Garrett Smith”.

The man told me to not call there again and hung up on me.

It is important to have such consumer safeguards, but they are only as effective as they can be enforced. It is very discouraging when the government does nothing to protect consumers from getting steamrolled by corporate technology companies. Please help me uphold my consumer rights.

Thank you.

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