Criminal Artistworks, Lying Barry Shrum, OAG, Chinelo Bivens, Jennifer Urban, CCPA/CPRA 1798

In response to “offensive song lyrics”, Artistworks decided to remove me from their website.

In response, I requested my content back from them, including all videos and posts, per CA CC §1798.100.

Artistworks ignored all of my CCPA data portability requests to them.

I then filed a CCPA data portability request violation to the CA Office of the Attorney General (OAG) through the OAG’s website.

The OAG then reached out to Artistworks regarding the allegations I had made in my CCPA data portability request violation claim.

Artistworks responded to the OAG’s inquiry by deleting my data. Under legal representation by Barry Shrum, LLC, they then lied to the OAG, falsely stating that I had requested them to delete my data. I never requested this and it is not what I wanted.

Artistworks went on to further lie to the OAG, making libelous claims about me, a former student, in an attempt to justify their criminal actions.

Artistworks, of course, had no evidence to support their false claim that I had made the alleged request for them to delete my data. Their false claims simply didn’t happen. I had requested clearly, to Artisworks, in writing, they provide to me my data. Here is just one of the emails I sent to Artistworks. This email was addressed to Dawn Mendoza of Artistworks, clearly and lawfully requesting my data, per CCPA.

To: Dawn Mendoza <>,
Date: Jan 12, 2020.
Subject: CCPA Data Portability Request


California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Right of Access

You are to provide all of my data, including all media, posts, messages, and contacts in a human accessible and machine readable format, free of charge to me as specified by and provisioned for in CCPA SECTION 1. Section 1798.100 of the Civil Code. The data shall be in a readily-useable format that allows the me to transmit this information to another entity without hindrance.

In response, the OAG was supposed to fine them for their criminal activity, however, the OAG did nothing, accepting Artistworks’ defamatory comments as justification for their own inaction.

In follow-up with the OAG board, I asked the board “who holds the board accountable?” and “how does the board decide which cases to enforce and which to ignore?”. The board members, Jennifer Urban, et al, ignored that question.

In a follow-up to being ignored, I issues a FOIA request to the OAG for the video recording of that phone call. That FOIA request went ignored, as unfortunately happens with too many FOIA requests.

CCPA 1798.100.

OAG Public Inquiry Unit (916) 210-6276
Chinelo Bivens

Jennifer Urban
Tel: 510-642-7338

Artistworks lawyer Barry Shrum, Esq (615) 338-5130

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