CCPA Data Portability Request for Facebook.

CCPA Data Portability Request for Facebook. To Mark Zuckerberg and whomever else it may concern:

This letter is in regard to your obligations under the California Consumer Privacy Act. Any information I provide to you may solely be used for the purpose of complying with the requests stated in this letter.

The account for which the data is being requested is:— Garrett Smith. I am the account owner.

According to the California Consumer Privacy Act Regulations, “If a consumer submits a request in a manner that is not one of the designated methods of submission, or is deficient in some manner unrelated to the verification process, the business shall either: (1) Treat the request as if it had been submitted in accordance with the business’s designated manner, or (2) Provide the consumer with specific directions on how to submit the request or remedy any deficiencies with the request, if applicable.” If you choose the second option, please provide the required directions.Please provide to me access to all of the content I have posted on Facebook.

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