Amazon Censors Reviews — For Theragun or China?

Without notice or warning, Amazon removed my first and then second reviews of Theragun Pro, 4th Generation.

I still have email confirmation of my censored review.

I initially thought Amazon deleted the review to help Theragun. However, a more sinister and much larger censorship may be underway through the CCP.

The Chinese Communist Party, or CCP, controls Amazon’s ability to do business in China. If the CCP wants Amazon to silence any criticism of the CCP or of China or anything related to China, they can impose such requirements up0n Amazon or any business that operates in China.

Amazon owns half the internet, is a private company, and can censor any content that opposes its Chinese business interests. It appears that Amazon is already censoring the internet on behalf of the CCP.

All Chinese businesses are under the CCP’s iron fist, and now US businesses are, too.

Here is my review of Theragun Pro, 4th Generation:

My previous review mysteriously vanished. Perhaps it fell afoul of “community guidelines”.

It’s louder than my car. I cannot use it in my apartment at night without disturbing my neighbors. Sounds like a motorboat.

It’s advertised at 60lbs stall force, which is more than others, but not very much, really, when you think about it. If a small child were to walk on your hamstring, would it be too much? Obviously not! It’s the strongest massage gun I’ve found, but still stalls easily and overheats.

Theragun Pro is, however, stronger than the Urikar 2. The Urikar 2, in comparison, is advertised with a 55 lbs stall force but stalls out at about 7 lbs of force (standard fare lies of cheap chinese manufacturers).

Theragun Pro’s 60lbs stall force would be sufficient for smaller muscles, such as the back of the hand or the top of the foot, but since it doesn’t have any multi heads, can’t be used on those areas, and since it is insufficient for long muscles, due to the selection of single heads that come with it, that leaves it suitable for everywhere else, which is mostly just some areas of the back (low back) and pecs.

This unit, although advertised with a paltry 60lbs stall force, actually seems to stall under much less resistance, closer to 40lbs. It’s pathetically weak. At least they have a pressure meter on the cheap LCD display so you can see when it is more likely to stall.

The additional battery is a great idea. When one is dead, the other is charging. However, the battery doesn’t last long. One battery lasts me about twenty five to thirty minutes (if I could use it continuously for that long without it overheating). This could be due to the fact that I apply some pressure to it.

It overheats. The shaft leaks some sort of black oil that will leak onto your clothes or skin if you touch it. Also, if you touch it, it will burn you.

Theragun Pro emits a burning oil smell before it shuts itself off for overheating.

The shape is awkward. Try using it on your hamstrings or semimembranosus and you’ll quickly find how ironically unergonomic this therapy device is. There needs to be a way to stabilize it with the head up so that the user can rest the back or front of his thigh or his glutes on it, and it needs to be able to handle that sort of pressure without stalling.

Theragun pro is long-muscle-resistant. There is no dual or triple head attachment. This is needed for muscles like tibialis anterior, quadriceps, biceps femoris, biceps brachii, triceps brachii, brachioradialis, or any other long, thin muscle. Try applying any force to any of these, e.g. tibialis anterior (the muscle that runs down the outside of your shinbone) and experience how the single massage head bounces right off and away.

A triple head, such as on the Urikar (which is crap other than that triple head it has) is useful for massaging deltoids, kneecaps, top of foot, back of hand, along with any of the long muscles suitable for two-head massager. Theragun Pro does not include any double or triple head attachments.

The case foam stinks. It off gasses a VOC’s.

I’m probably going to return this unit. It stalls, overheats, bounces off (with a lousy selection of single heads). It is worth about $120 to me, no more.

Theragun Pro is not designed for self-use. Due to the lack of multi-head attachments, it bounces off and doesn’t work on long muscles.

I’d like to find a massage gun that I can use on myself.

Update, July 25, 2020

I reached out to Therabody and asked if they influence reviews on Amazon, where they sell products.

Therabody customer support confirmed, from management at Therabody, that Therabody has no influence on Amazon reviews. They wrote:—

Hello Garrett,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us today!

I was able to confirm with my team and they informed me that Amazon reviews the comments and takes ownership of those falling under their responsibility. This means we do not influence Amazon’s removal of reviews.

Again, thank you for contacting us, and please be sure to reach back out with any further questions! Should you require immediate service, please feel free to contact us: (866) 221-2185.

Amazon, not Therabody, censored my review. I guess Amazon is protecting their business interests by kissing up on the CCP by censoring any review with anything critical of the CCP. But Amazon won’t say. They hide their censorship agenda.

One thought on “Amazon Censors Reviews — For Theragun or China?”

  1. Found this entry via searching for any articles regarding Amazon’s ban of Urikar.

    Just to give you a little insight—almost ALL of Urikar’s reviews were fake. They gave out THOUSANDS if not tens of thousands of massage guns for free just for reviews, ratings and seller feedback.

    Thats why they are banned lol

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