Message to Bret & Heather, DarkHorse Podcast

Hello, Bret and Heather. Thank you very much for presenting factual information in the face of censorship and broad social pressure. Here are two ways you can improve your presentation.

  1. Create a blog to contain your videos, explanation, and description. It’s censorship resistant. It gives the users direct access to references. It can be updated.
  2. (less important) How can we, your viewers, have these discussions with others without getting reported, blocked, banned, and suspended (from Wikipedia, Reddit, school, etc?)

Facebook Pretends to Allow Appeal


Facebook pretends to allow appeal. When attempting to submit the appeal, a nondescript error message is presented to the user. It looks as if there could be an error in the code or with the network. Yet it is a strategy to disallow appeals, masked to be as vague and non-transparent as possible.

Facebook, the arbiter of truth, keeps me “safe” from the mob of bullies who jumped on my post to ignorantly attack me. By suspending my account, Facebook kept me “safe”.

This is just another example of social media censorship. Why did they censor me and nobody else on the thread? They won’t say!

Mitochondrial Peptides and Supplementation

Mitochondrial peptides (5-Amino-1MQ, SS-31, and MOTS-c, et al), work in essentially two ways. They either increase mitochondrial function and activity, increase the number of mitochondria in the cell, or both.

SS-31 is a peptide found “in the inner membrane of mitochondria,, an area where free radicals are produced. Animals studies have shown that SS-31 reduces free radical production and decreases oxidative stress, improving diseases stemming from mitochondria dysfunction.” SS-31 is also an orphaned drug, so due to patent status, it is not readily available for use.

These peptides can be synergized by supplementation with CoQ10, PQQ, and Forskolin to increase mitochondrial biogenesis and activity.

Photobiomodulation with 660 and 850nm wavelengths can improve mitochondrial function in brain, muscle, and organ tissues. [5]

  • CoQ10, and PQQ may work synergistically with 5 amino 1mq to improve neurological function and increase energy turnover.[1][2]
  • PQQ Pyrroloquinoline Quinone works synergistically stimulate Mitochondrial Biogenesis through cAMP Response Element-binding Protein Phosphorylation and Increased PGC-1α Expression.[3]
  • Forskolin increases the number of mitochondria and their activity.[4]

Creatine may be used to increase power output by an increase ATP, another metabolic product that is the result of the citric acid cycle which takes place in the mitochondria.[7]

Niacin and its derivative NMN may also be used synergistically increase mitochondrial NAD(P)H production under higher workload.[8][9]

“Although NMN and SS‐31 both target mitochondria, they do so via different mechanisms of action. Thus, we hypothesized that the drugs would differ in effect on the heart and may have a synergistic effect when applied together. We sought to compare and contrast the mechanism and effects of these drugs in order to better understand each individually and how age‐related deficits in heart function can be addressed.”

“Niacin, after undergoing biochemical reactions in the mitochondria with nicotinamide, and tryptophan forms nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and NAD phosphate (NADP). NAD and NADP are the active forms of niacin which, when reduced to NAD(H) and NADP(H) respectively, participates in catabolic redox reactions and are cofactors in anabolic redox reactions.” [8][9]

When niacin is metabolized, it uses a methyl group. This can be offset by supplementation of 200–400mg Sam-e, a methyl donor. Sam-e also restores intracellular GSH stores, especially in mitochondria.[10]

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Fauci Lied

Fauci lied.

NIH has deleted the genomic data on COVID-19, in a massive cover-up to hide the evidence that COVID-19 is engineered.

If we had known that this virus was engineered, we would have had more information to better defend against it.
Fauci covered it all up.

The coverup and lab leak hypothesis has become a partisan issue. This seems to have originated from former president Trump stating that the virus had come from the Wuhan lab and had not originated in China. The reaction from Fauci was that this was wrong, and the left and CNN jumped on that to show that Donald Trump was wrong. Unfortunately, Fauci was wrong and thus, CNN and all who propagated his lies were wrong. COVID-19 seems to have most certainly come from a lab, and the left has maintained their position that Trump was wrong.

Custom Guitar Design

I’m developing a prototype for a custom neck-through electric guitar.

I need someone to develop the G-code, then to use the CNC mill.

1. Develop 3D model
2. Generate CNC code
3. run the CNC mill
4. Glue neck and wings together,
5. Reiterate if it’s way off (step 1)
6. modify result by hand

I have a guy for step 1 & 2; do the 3D modeling, calculate the center of mass, and generate the CAD files. He’s in a foreign country and there is a bit of a trust issue with this nice, but random dude from Facebook, so I’m open to working with someone local on that, too.

Here is the 2d draft and a 2 minute video explaining the differences between the 2-D draft and what the prototype should look like.

How to Respond To “Have You Been Vaccinated for COVID-19?”

How to Respond To “Have You Been Vaccinated for COVID-19?”

Social pressure for SARS Cov-2 vaccination is strong as mask mandates are lifted. When someone asks you your vaccine status, it’s up to you to decide how to answer, including to not tell them about your vaccination status or any other medical condition, including any known or suspected allergies to vaccine adjuvants.

Quora — Banned for Life

Quora bans users for life.

In this case, I was mass reported by I believe two groups users who disagreed with what I had to say. This completely blocks my ability to interact in any way whatsoever. I can’t post or read. If nobody knows I exist, do I?

The goal of cancel culture is to cancel people. The perversity of their end goal is elimination of those who they disagree with. That’s a dangerous prospect. Don’t think they won’t come for you.

There is no right and wrong; only actions and consequences. This is war.

Representative Eshoo, Please cosponsor H.R. 4027 (116th)

Dear Representative Eshoo,

I am writing to ask Representative Eshoo to cosponsor H.R. 4027 (116th), the Stop the Censorship Act, and support it in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce where the bill is waiting for a vote.

H.R. 4027 amends the existing Telecommunications Act of 1996, Section 230.

In 1996, less than 1% of the world’s population used the Internet, There were no social media companies. Today, about 65% of the world’s population uses the Internet. This 25-year-old law is due for an update.

We must address the growing censorship that blocks the free flow of information. This censorship is facilitated by the “Good Samaritan” clause, a vague clause in the law that allows the social media corporations to censor content that is, among other things “otherwise objectionable”. The clause was never intended to facilitate censorship, but was added to protect children from pornography, something it has failed to accomplish.

Given that “otherwise objectionable” cannot be defined by law, the social media giants have taken it upon themselves to regulate themselves. The Good Samaritan clause puts social media companies in control over public discourse. Indeed, “otherwise objectionable” and other such subjective descriptors fail the vagueness doctrine, outlined by our constitution. It encourages arbitrary censorship, and this is antithetical the spirit of the First Amendment of the Constitution.

HR 4027 amends the Good Samaritan clause by replacing all such subjective descriptors as “otherwise objeectionable” with “illegal”. This helps clarify what service providers may remove. If HR 4027 passes, providers may remove illegal content.

As the law stands today, individuals such as myself are blocked from information exchange, including political redress, education, and commerce. I may not contact Amazon over facebook regarding missing packages or contact you over Twitter to communicate with you in any way. I may not participate in educational discussion about biotechnology over Reddit.

I am posting this letter on my personal website, because I cannot post it on any social media sites. This should not be.

Please support HR 4027.

Thank you for your time.